Friday, June 30, 2017

A Tunnel Bends to the Left

Engelhart finds that there is a tunnel, ten feet wide, rough hewn, that bend to the left.  This is more or less what he can see from his location; the nearby floor of the tunnel is slippery, but since he has room to recover from a short jump, there's no chance of his falling.  He's succeeded in skipping his way over the rocks.

In Other News...

Working towards sorting out Pandred's unarmed combat amateur skill, I've finally created some wiki rules for grappling.  Have a look.  The rules there apply to both player characters, regardless of sage knowledge, and can also be employed by enemy monsters attacking the party.  Some monsters are best kept at weapon range.

If I let some creatures, like bears and large cats, move in and properly maul/rake, it could get very nasty ...

It's Only a Frog ~ Round 2

The frog makes another attack against Embla, apparently too stupid to realize the assassin is too big to be grabbed with its tongue.  It rolls a 10, hitting AC 8; Embla is AC 7 and is missed.

Engelhart's spell is cast; it will take 1 AP to discharge. Pandred is holding Embla's javelin ~ and, for all reasonable purposes, the fighter's axe is probably gone. It is somewhere under water, around 0612.

If Embla wants to use the javelin, Pandred has to spend 1 AP to throw it to her; Embla should roll a dex check to see if it uses 1 AP to catch it (success) or 2 AP to snag it out of the water (failure).

Lothar's arrow is nocked and ready.  Fjall has completed the second round of loading the crossbow.

Go ahead and act.

Very well, having killed the frog, here are the x.p. earned this time around:

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Frog! ~ Round 1

The image shows the position of the party as a giant frog rises in hex 0511.  I have added a dotted line across the water to show where the cave ends and the ten foot high passage begins (see cross-section).

With the initiative, the frog attacks Embla.  It rolls a 14, hitting AC 4 . . . Embla feels a wet, sticky tongue slap against her mid-section, causing only 2 damage as it thuds into her; but it both sticks and grips, the flesh squeezing together around her waist.

Embla is too heavy, however, and though the tongue pulls her into the water of 0507, it snaps free from her body and springs back into the frog's mouth.

The water is three feet deep, like described.  Embla is not stunned.  Using the fight while immersed rules I wrote last week, Embla's adjusted encumbrance is adjusted by a 25% loss of weight (she's up to her waist in water):  here's the altered table for your movement when partially immersed:

The party can act; do you need another image indicating that Embla is in 0507?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Embla Moves to the Water


Here is a view of the whole water cave, and a detailed view of the party.  Embla, you've reached the water line.  What do you wish to do?  You can hear the lapping water against the rocks in the pool, but otherwise your senses are as they were before.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Wet Cavern

The removal of the shafts quickly reveals, as Engelhart suspected, a sharp drop.  It is not as severe as a precipice, but it is about 70-degrees.  And as the shafts will testify as they're pulled out, the area beyond is damp; the shafts on the far side are slicked with water, as is the slope.

The roof of the cavern is even with the top of the storeroom chamber that you occupy.  The ceiling is 7 feet above the floor of the storeroom.  Shining the lantern over the edge gets some benefit form the wet ceiling, which reflects on the scene below.  The floor of the storeroom is about 20 feet above the bottom of the cave (the bottom that you can see).

The cave floor is filled with free standing water.  The cavern's size is perhaps 30 feet across, at the ceiling ~ however, across from where you are, there is a slot about twenty feet wide, the roof of which is about ten feet above the waterline.

There seem to be a number of rocks that emerge above the surface of the water, but the water itself is black in color and you have no way to determine how deep it is.  There is moss growing on the lower walls.

You don't see anything moving.
As always, 5 feet per hex

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Front Storeroom

Embla, I presume you are using some kind of light source, beyond the open hole above you.  For now, that hole will dimly light the environment you're in; forgive me for moving you five feet from the bottom of the 20 foot slope, but where you are you're safe; and you'll need to make room for Engelhart when you give the signal.

[if this is too dim, I'll brighten the picture]

You can see that they've collected 8 barrels of something from the outside world.  There is human blood on some of the barrels, dried; two of the barrels are sitting on a bench, which is slightly bowed from the weight ~ so without touching them, you can see those barrels are full.  The room is made of stone that has been mined out; except the furthest edge of 0405, which has a line of wooden posts, about four inches thick, forming a wall from floor to ceiling.  They're ten feet away at the moment, and you haven't named a light source, so you can't see how they're fixed in place, but there seems to be no door.

Nor can you see clearly into the cubbyhole with six barrels in it.  Not until you approach it with a light source.  Being around the corner, half that corner is in very dim shadow.

Your heightened sense of smell suggests that there is some form of fermented drink in the barrels, but it smells . . . off.  Like they've done something to beer.

Condition Poor

Hello.  I had said I was going to get a little playing in today, but I've been temporarily laid up. There is something wrong with my back ~ a slipped disc, most likely.  I have experienced this before, but not as bad as this; and because I needed the money, I went and worked last night, coming home in very bad shape.

Just not, I'm dull with drugs and fresh from a very hot bath, and feeling up to sitting at a computer chair.  I have called in sick today and don't know if I will repair enough to work tomorrow.  I have about 26 hours before then.  In the meantime, I don't know if I'm up to making the map I need for the dungeon you're playing in (right now, it is entirely in my head), but I'm going to experiment a little because, with laying on my back, I'm bored out of my freaking mind.

Do not worry.  I am carefully pain-managing the situation; it isn't an injury; this began mysteriously on Friday afternoon, a day I was off, as a mild annoyance.  It has gotten worse since then but there is nothing fundamentally wrong with me.  It is just an age thing.  The disc will find its way back home and I'll be fine.

So.  I'm a little disappointed that I didn't hear from Engelhart regarding the demi-god post.

I'm going to draw a little, see what comes out.  I'd like to create something a little more interesting that a straight hallway.  Keep an eye on the campaign if you can.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Tale of Augvald and Nor, Demi-Gods

King Augvald was the son of Rognvald, who was the son of Rugalf, who was the son of Gard Agde, who in turn was the son of Nor, who came from the island of Gotland.

Nor was the first descendant of the gods, having been born of a frost giant called Ymir and a cave giantess named Fenja, who, freed from sea-king Mysing, carried a millstone that could produce anything wished for.  Ymir wished for a son who could unite the kingdoms in the north and Fenja used the stone to grind out the half-giant Nor, who was said to stand eleven feet tall.

When Nor was in the prime of his power as a warrior, he came to the Norselands, where he found numerous petty kingdoms, made up of gnomes, halflings, humans and elves.  He brought these kingdoms together for but three seasons ~ yet in that time he scoured the stone giants of Jotunheimen from the surface world and rid the world of the dreaded Yringan, who had for a thousand years poisoned the land and divided the gentle races.  When these were sealed in their caves, caves that are now forgotten, Nor divided up the Norselands, giving the east to the elves, the north to the halflings, the west to the gnomes and the south to the humans.  Thereupon, he went in humility the to the stone giants, seeking them out in the lairs they built in the underworld, seeking their forgiveness as a giant.  Thereupon Nor became the king of the stone giants, whom he ruled for three hundred years before rising to Asgard.

Nor's son Gard Agde, who was smaller than his father, only ten feet tall, fought the Goths in the northern provinces of Germany before bringing back great riches and knowledge of fortifications.  Rugalf died in a naval battle against the sahuagin, who raided from the western seas, who were driven back by his son Rognvald, freeing the seas to allow Vikings to plunder the coastlands of Britain.

Finally Augvald, who was nearly 8 feet tall, the last demi-god of his line, went on Viking raids to foreign lands and acquired much wealth and standing.  He conquered Hordaland and Nordland, extended his power of Agder and Akershus, forced the gnomes of Lenglin and Buskrud to pay him tribute and for a time united the Norselands under one banner, as was foretold by the wish his ancestor Ymir had made.  But after a long life of magic and success, Augvald was called to Asgard by Nor, whereupon his kingdom fell apart and the lands were not united again for 150 years.

Today, the seat of Augvald's power is a small hamlet, still called Avaldnes, north of Treborg in the northeastern part of Rogaland.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Discovery

The now-dead frogling has nothing unusual on its body, except a hemp wristband and necklace and the thrown spear-head.  As before, the spear head is made of adamantite and weighs about 3.5 lbs.

There is nothing else moving around you; apparently, this one was left behind because it was considered too weak for the war party.  At the same time, however, you find a hole in the ground about five feet from where it was originally standing.

The hole leads underground by means of an interior sloped rock wall, similar to a climbing wall, except the hand-holds are made of carved stone.  They are also a little narrow for human fingers, but would serve a frogling's narrower fingers quite well.

The slope, about 80-degrees, is about twenty feet down.  The edge of the hole is made of carved stone blocks and was clearly not made in the last few days; it seems to have been "opened up" recently, suggesting there might be multiple entrances into multiple lairs, or perhaps all into a same single lair, stretching throughout an area surrounding the barrow.

At any case, Embla's heightened sense does not reach to the bottom of the sloping wall underground.

As I said, you know approximately where the barrow ought to be - over there, somewhere, towards the west.  The sun is getting lower - it is about half-past four, perhaps nearer to five, in the afternoon.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Edge of the Fire

It is still Thursday, the 5th of May, as the party tramps back towards Mimmarudla.  The wind has increased to a fresh breeze, coming out of the south, and skeins of clouds stream high in the sky, suggesting that something might be coming.  The temperature is yet brisk, 7C/44F, but this proves to be beneficial for the journey as you are all hot from the battle.

While Engelhart learned his spells, the party made a cold meal of at least two pounds each and ate it, including Oddsdrakken, Petar and Valda.  Then these three made their parting signs and set off towards the south, where Petar is sure he can find the hamlet where his cousin lives as a fisherman.  Now as you walk along, the cleric eats as he goes, having been too busy to eat while the others did.

You encounter no one, but there are signs everywhere of movement, cut out underbrush, felled trees and tramped down ground that the ranger cannot help noticing.  Finally, however, you come to the edge of the burned out area.  You stop about four hexes from the edge of the wood, so you can see.

The trees have been cleared and burnt, with heaps of them pulled together into piles of charcoal. The goal seems to have been to transform this part of the forest into fuel. Clearly, the trees were cut first, then burned, ten or twelve trees to the pile.  The piles are not burning, but smoke is curling up from the charcoal heaps, providing a certain amount of cover.

Without the trail you followed in, and the landscape being changed, you cannot be sure how far you are from Mimmarudla.  You would guess between a quarter and half a mile, but it would be easier if you could see the lake.  To your right, the ground slowly rises to a crest; from that crest, you remember, you can look down and see Store Stokka.

As you are spread out somewhat to be able to see around the nearest piles, Pandred spots something and passes it along the line.  There is a lone frogling sitting on a large log of charcoal, sharpening a sword and keeping a watch on the forest.  It seems to have no companions.

Taking Stock

Can you please look over the above details and correct anything that is in error.  Keep in mind that I could easily have been told something that did not lead to the above table being corrected.

Oh, regarding Bergthora's experience.

In keeping the ideas of this post about non-level training, I've decided that after 400 x.p., all further x.p. gained is divided by 10%, unless earned in the presence of someone with training experience.  This will allow Bergthora and others to steadily, painfully, gain on becoming first level, but it will take a long time without help.

Monday, June 12, 2017

On the Move

As you're trekking along, generally following the high ground with the lake, Store Stokka, on your left, you begin to hear a swell of movement coming up behind you.  At first, it sounds like a rustling, but this is soon supported by an occasional boom that Lothar first identifies as the sound of a large drum being struck.

After this, there is a distant cracking and tramping, of many things moving through the woods, perhaps as close as two hundred yards.  It is coming up faster than you are moving.  "We have to run," shouts Bergthora, but this seems desperate, given that you know that these creatures can move faster through running and hopping than you can.

The party looks around and sees only the thick forest, the clumps of shrubbery and fat pines, obscuring the inevitable that is coming . . .

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Forest Combat Aftermath

Here is the final count of experience for the party.

In addition, for objects found on the creatures, add 143 for Embla and Lothar, who don't receive an x.p. bonus, and 157 for Engelhart and Pandred.

This puts Embla and Engelhart both up a level.  I don't know if it gets Pandred there.  Lothar, I know, doesn't make it.

I'm going to work, but Embla should roll a d8 for hit points, as should Engelhart.  Engelhart, you gain a 2nd level spell at 3rd level, plus 2 bonus spells from your wisdom.  Therefore, you should choose three spells from this list.

This is all I have time for.  We'll sort out sage abilities when I get back.  I'm off work again tomorrow, so we have time to make sure everything is accounted for.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Froglings Retreat ~ Round 8

Following the players' last attack, the fighting strength of the froglings is reduced to one third of their total; the one Pandred hit (nominally, a pinch-hit), drops below zero and the froglings retreat.  The stunned one is helped by another into hex 0608, ending in the hex together (where they are -2 in armor class) and the third drops into 0708 and then to 0508.

The players may act.

I'm also adding this file to account for character details and information.

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Froglings Hold Their Ground ~ Round 7

I'll start with the frogling in 0808.  It misses with its spear, rolling 4 against Oddsdrakken, then rolls a 7 at Pandred with its bite.  That is its round.

0807 attacks the up-and-coming Engelhart: rolling an 8 and missing with the bite, but hitting AC 3 with its spear.  Engelhart is AC 4, so that hits for 6 damage.  That should stun the cleric; but the foliage is heavy enough behind him that he does not fall back.

Finally, the one in 0809 will attack Embla until hitting her; it misses with its spear, but puts the bite on the assassin, causing 2 damage.

That leaves the present position:

Corrected for Embla

Following the player's move, the position is thus:

Present gained experience stands as follows:

Things Look Dire - Round 6

There are three froglings remaining.  These have Pandred and Lothar surrounded, unpleasantly.

The new interloper in 1008 hops to 0809, where it attacks Petar and Willa.  It hits AC 7 on Petar and AC 9 on Willa; for the bowmen, I'm fairly certain the attack on Petar hits.  If so, it will cause 4 damage, stunning him.  I'll draw the map that way, but we'll correct that too if need be.

The frogling in 0807 continues to attack Lothar, but gives signs of agitation for Engelhart and Fjall on its left.  I hit AC 6 twice against the ranger; that is two hits.  The ranger is torn by a bite for 3 damage and then hit with the spear for 2 more.  The 3 will not stun, but that will lower Lothar to 7 total and the two hit point hit will stun him.  He falls back into 1008.  The frogling will then face Engelhart.

The frogling in 0707 attacks Pandred.  It will roll a natural 20 [my second this morning, I rolled one on the other campaign) with its spear, but misses completely with the bite.  The spear causes 8 damage, stunning Pandred again, throwing her back into 0908.  The frogling will advance to 0808.

The unconscious frogling under Valda's feet is bleeding out, 1 hp per round.

Here's the layout as I see it:

Following the player's move, here are the positions:

And here is the x.p. distribution so far:

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