Thursday, March 30, 2017

Resting in Stavanger

Morning, May 1.  Wind, moderate breeze, from south southeast.

The poor weather continues through the night, but it does stop raining in the morning.  The party, tired, worn down, happy to be under a roof and in comparatively comfortable circumstances, just doesn't feel like waking up at the crack of dawn.  You have the rooms until noon, assuming you've paid for a single night (I know in some cases, such as a bedstead, you will probably want to find a more pleasant place to rest through the day).

Some of the party will want to rest, and therefore won't be going shopping.  We should settle on who.  The rest of you can purchase at the market or, if you wish to sell something, see to pricing the objects you've found.  Let me know which vendor on the market page you'd like to approach with that.

The day is comparatively dry up until noon, but the weather is still brisk, a few points above freezing.  Thankfully, you don't have to be outside more than a few minutes at a time.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stokka Camp in the Rain

Let's put the party back at the camp.  You'll remember that Lothar did come back from Stavanger TODAY, the 30th of April, before your heading out to the dungeon.  It is about 4 in the afternoon when you return to camp ~ and it is raining again.  It is what you would just a moderate rain, more or less what you equate to a firm, steady and not unusual rain, much more than a drizzle or a trace.

We had established that 1 mm of rain per day would be enough to cause damage in the wilderness, from cold and general unpleasantness.  Since the temperature right now is 4 C/39 F, or "brisk," this makes travelling overland in Norway a real horror show.  As you're walking, you'll all take a point of damage on your way back to camp.

We also established that the rain will ensure that you won't get any rest so long as it rains to this degree, regardless of your tents.  I've been in many a tent in positively vile conditions in the Canadian Rockies and I can tell you from experience, it isn't restful.  Nor was that in a 17th century tent.

You might want to consider returning to Stavanger as a group.  You don't know how long the rain will last; it could be clear tomorrow or not.  You could get back to Stavanger tonight, with Lothar's help (4.5 hours travel), before the sun actually sets ~ but it will again be a thoroughly miserable trip through a wet forest, no doubt causing more damage (but not enough to kill anyone).  You could remain where you are and hope for the best, but cooking in this weather won't be any more pleasant and even if it is better tomorrow, everything will still be soaking wet until mid-day.  That will increase the chance of all of you catching a cold, if you're not in a very warm place before then.

And it could always get worse.

Fjall and Valda did not get any rest, nor hit points, today; but they haven't lost any yet, either.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Aftermath, First Chamber

Best to start with a new post, I think.

Lothar, you do roll a d8 for hit points.  Reroll any 1s, please.  I have updated the google drive with your new sage knowledge points.  All this climbing over rock and up and down hills has increased your mountaineering skill to amateur level.  You must have had some sort of breakthrough when you were rigging the cage to drop.

Pandred is right.  You've not plundered the statues yet.  They are still in their original places.

Engelhart, the bodies are lacking any sort of clothes or equipment.  These frog things seem to be wholly naked ~ though it is clear from the way they fought that they had intelligence, moved in a bipedal fashion and worked as a unit.

Embla, could you please roll a d6 for the 2nd javelin that you threw?  You did cast them both, rolled for only one of them.  I think the second one missed, yes?

Regarding the door, it seems secure.  The creature on the other side has grown quiet, but if either Embla or Lothar puts their ear to the door and others remain quiet, they can hear it breathing.

The book has been picked up and then (I assumed at the time), dropped, as the players did not describe it in their hands.  What do you wish to do with it?

Only One Left ~ Round 8

The one remaining frog will being by slashing at Bergthora.  The frog misses.  And misses again with it's horn.  It has just 4 AP, because it was partly stunned last round, needing only 1 AP each for bodily attacks, so it has just enough to get to 1014, whereupon it faces Bergthora and Embla.

The party's move (comments below) kills the last of the creatures.  Here is the final tally of x.p.:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

All Goes Sideways ~ Round 7

The snuffling beast beyond the door lets out a snuffling roar, not as loud as before.  There's some pressing against the door, but it does not seem to be an attempt to throw its body against the door as the beast did once.

The frogs seem to have no feeling at all about their one dead companion or even the damage they've sustained. It is plain to the party now that these humanoids are rabid and will have to be put down to make them stop.

The one in 0908 is free to attack Lothar this round.  It hits AC 1 with the second, claw, causing 3 damage to the ranger, hardly coming close to stunning.  With it's horns, however, it does even better: hitting AC 0 and causing 5 damage.  This one will stun, as Lothar's hit points are reduced to 18 after the first hit: Lothar keeps his feet but falls back into 0910, somewhat bruised.

Being that the humanoid is a frog, it uses 2 AP to "hop" three hexes into 1011, the same move that was seen in an earlier round, engaging both Pandred and Embla.  Thankfully, it has no attacks left.

At the same time, the creature in 0811, again, attacks Engelhart.  It's first attack, a claw, strikes the Cleric (hitting AC 5), causing 2 damage.  By my count, Engelhart is down 6 hit points already from 19 (correct me, please, if I'm in error), and 2 points will not stun).  The creature screams in rage, missing with its other claw.  However, for once it hits Engelhart with its horn (also hitting AC 5), causing an ungodly six damage.  This tosses the cleric back into 1012, definitely stunned this time.

This creature has been trying to get into the hallway since the beginning of the combat: now it hops between Bergthora and Engelhart, ending in 1013 (it started from an non-melee hex, once it booted back the cleric).  It seems intent on running down the hall, towards the cage.  Bergthora is the only one conceivably able to hit it.

These changes produce this position, following the creature's round:

Following the party's movement:

And the x.p. earned so far:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nibbling at the Party's HP ~ Round 6

As the party can yet hear a lowered cry of pain and then snuffling against the door, suggesting something big enough to be heard sniffing against a double-reinforced door, the two active frogs continue, unrelenting, their previously poor attacks.

The first, in 0811, continues to attack Englehart.  The first claw hits AC 3 but the second claw misses very poorly, the thing rolling a natural 1 [eventually one of these fumbles is going to end in a broken arm for one of these creatures].  That is my third natural 1 rolled in this fight, which is definitely above average.

The first claw, at least, causes 2 damage.  Engelhart begins to get the impression that the frog is trying to get past him and into the hallway.

The other will clamber over the corner of the statue and into 1210, where it will attack Pandred.  It, too, strikes with only one claw, the second swing, also causing 2 damage.

At least it is something.  The party can act using the below positions.

Following the Party's move:

And x.p. thus far; as ever, please correct any mistakes I have made:

Monday, March 20, 2017

Strong Doors and Stumbling ~ Round 5

Behind the door, the party hears sounds of a beast in pain.  Apparently, the attempt to throw itself bodily against the door has hurt it.  The door is strong enough to keep the beast, whatever it is, at bay.

The frog in 1010 pushes its ally out of harm's way, back into 1109, then attacks Lothar with none of its murderous fury reduced.  Yet this time, it's hand slaps onto the flat of Lothar's long sword (I should update the image, hm?) and it recoils with a cry of pain.  It takes no damage, but counts as a fumble.  It recovers and screams in helpless fury.

[the problem with three attacks is that it increases the chance that one of them will be a natural 1].

The second one, 0811, concentrates on Engelhart . . . and damn it, I roll a 9, a 6 and a 9.  Bloody hell.  They'll never defend their dungeon this way!

Here is the position as the party takes their move:

Correcting for Lothar's position, only Lothar and Bergthora left to act:

The third map and FINISHED accounting for round 5:

And then the present x.p.  I have adjusted Bergthora's share, as she had 189 x.p. starting this fight, to keep with new ideas recently introduced on the main blog.  It causes her to steal all of 9 x.p. from the general party, 2.25 x.p. each!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Party Bears Up ~ Round 4

Again there is a roar, then something throws itself at the door.  The wood strains, there is the sound of wood cracking, the chains snap against their pegs ~ and the door holds.  An angry howl is heard . . .

The three remaining frogs continue to attack.  The first, in 0811, slashes at Engelhart with a first claw, hitting AC 6.  This causes 3 damage.  Engelhart's page says he has 13 hit points maximum, but it also says he is 1st level, so I don't think that stuns him.

[honest, I'm just lost with everyone's AC and hit points.  Could I please get a list of the following: what is your present hit points, what is your present armor class, what do you have in your left hand and what do you have in your right hand]

Assuming that Engelhart is not stunned, the frog slashes and horns Lothar.  Both of these attacks miss.

The second frog, in 1011, will pull back into 1010 and slash Lothar with one claw, it's only attack.  It hits AC 8, which I feel must miss Lothar.  [I'll roll damage after if I'm incorrect].

The third frog attacks Embla, first with both claws, missing.  Then with horn, hitting AC -1. Embla takes 5 damage from the horn and falls back into 1211.  The frog leaps over the statue and into 1110, engaging Pandred.

The position is as follows:

Following the players' move, the updated scene appears:

The updated experience is as follows (please correct any errors you see):

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Some Beast is Knocking ~ Round 3

Something BIG hammers against the double-doors, then lets out a terrifying growl.  The doors hold, but there's definitely strain to be seen.  The chains leap off the door and then bang and rattle against the wood.

Three of the four creatures seem unconcerned.  The fourth creature is stunned and back on its heels due to Embla's last attack.  It makes its dexterity check and takes no additional damage from being backed into the wall, following its being stunned.  The other three frogs slash and horn at will.

The first, in 1010, was knocked by Lothar, but it rolls for a single claw.  Lothar ducks the blow and it swings over his head.  At once the frog retreats to 1109.

The frog in 1011 swings with a claw spins and attacks both Pandred and Embla.  Pandred dodges the claw at her.  Both of the other attacks are at Embla's flank.  She feels a horn strike her in the side, causing an unpleasant 6 damage.  That will stun, throwing her into 1210.  The frog turns back to face Pandred.

The frog in 0811 chooses to completely ignore Lothar's back (rolled), choosing instead to focus on the cleric.  Engelhart easily misses both claws: but the horn hits AC 6.  That, I believe, is good enough [but correct me if I'm wrong].  It causes 1 damage: tit-for-tat.

Leaving this position:

Following the party's move, the layout looks like this:

And adding on the x.p. so far ~ please let me know if I've missed something:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Creatures Spring ~ Round 2

The expression of the creatures in the room clearly indicates that they intend to slaughter the party.  Never has it been so obvious, as their faces twist into grimaces of hostility and intent of murder, as frightening as rabid dogs.  They begin to move upon the party . . .

But even as they do, there is a fierce roar that erupts from behind the door ~ there is something big there, something unfamiliar.  Even Engelhart's beast knowledge cannot identify the creature that made such a roar ~ but then, much of his knowledge is from lectures and books, lacking a certain amount of auditory or perceptive confirmation.  It sounds like a beast to the cleric.

The four creatures, as I said, turn on the party:  

While two creatures rush Lothar and Pandred, the thing in 0809, like a frog, leaps towards the head of the toad sculpture, kicks off with its foot and lands in 1011, where it attacks Bergthora.  You've never seen anything like it in all your experience as 1st and 2nd levels.  The thing horns Bergthora, causing 5 damage, hurling her into hex 1212.  It misses raking her with its claws.

The one creature that was partly hurt slashes at Embla with one claw, hitting AC 3.  It causes 2 damage.

Lothar gains +1 AC from the chest, which is between him and the frog humanoid that attacks out of 1010 ~ but it is no matter.  It goes low for Lothar's legs with its horn, miscalculates and snags the corner of the chest, rolling a natural 1.  This unbalances it and the creature loses its claw attacks for the round.

Finally, the last creature horns Pandred, hitting AC 2.  Pandred takes 4 damage (does it stun?).  The creature attacks with both its claws, but Pandred manages to fend those off with her shield.

With the possible exception of Pandred, the party may now take their move: here is the position after the enemy's attack:

Following the party's move, the map appears as this:

The x.p. totals should be as follows.  Please correct me if I've forgotten any damage caused or taken.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

In the First Chamber

Okay, I haven't placed anyone properly on this image except for Bergthora.  But now that you have a top-down, you can decide by number where you are.

The symbol found on the book cover.

The creatures awake!
And here is the layout following the party's move.  The two red rings below the one creature are to indicate that it is part stunned and has lost two of its attacks.  Bergthora did a third of its remaining hit points after Embla's javelin weakened it.

I will forego putting up the x.p. until probably the next round, after someone has taken damage.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Landing Chamber

The party is steadily lowered, about 10 inches a second, down to the platform one hundred feet below.  Naturally, I would expect the party to keep their lights flashing in every direction, looking to ensure their safety.  You see nothing, as you come down safely.  The cage settles on a round circle of paved blocks, much like was described in the descending chamber above.

I'll forego making a map of the room you're in; it is very like the descending chamber, a circle with a single tunnel leading from it.  This tunnel, however, is not rough-hewn.  The walls and ceiling, like the floor, are made of paved blocks.  It is about 7 feet high and nearly six feet wide, with no door.

At the door of the tunnel are four carved stones, resting on pedestals of moderately different heights ~ 34, 38, 43 and 46 inches tall.  The stones are, as I said, oval figurines; each is of an animal, but as the carving is not deep into the stone, the animals are more representations than realistic carvings.  The first, on the highest pedestal, has the body of a bear but a head that might be a stag or a ram.  A second is of a large, upright, two-legged beast with a dog's head.  The third is a multi-coiled snake that might, looked at the right way, have a dragon's head.  The last, on the lowest pedestal, is clearly a frog.

Engelhart's beast forms enables him to identify the first: it appears to be something related to an owlbear, but it is long extinct.  The two-legged beast is a humanoid and outside his ken.  He feels sure that it is a dragon, and guessing from the shape of the "head" it seems to be from a benevolent form.  Finally, the frog is undoubtedly more than just a frog: he is sure it is an ice toad.

The stones are all at least a thousand years old and each weighs about 80 lbs.  Though the carving is not of the highest order, it is probable their uniqueness would make them each valuable.

Friday, March 10, 2017


I hope you're still with me.

I would guess that the four of you, not including Bergthora, weigh around 800 lbs.  This provides a near-guarantee of your safety; odds are about 1 in 450 that the rope would break, dropping you fifty feet for 15d6 damage.

You have every reason to believe you're perfectly fine.  But I do want to give the sense of discomfort you ought to feel as the rope strains and creaks, as the cage descends.  I also want to emphasize that the waters, viewed from 30 feet above, could easily conceal any number of creatures, things too small to be seen, flat things hiding in the water, things simply hiding in the dark.  I don't want this to be discarded as a possibility.  It would take 20 rounds for the cage to make a round trip from the bottom, where it let off half the party, to bring reinforcements.

But, let's take stock.

Can I count on the four of you going down together?  Are you fine with Bergthora making a trip as a solitary person.  She's fine with that.

If you're carrying your lanterns, you won't need to make a pot of fire for the cage.  Your legs would blot out most of the light it would give out anyway.  Petar and Willa have six torches between them, enough for two hours light, so you don't have to leave a lantern behind; you can take both of them.

What else needs to be discussed?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Weather Worsens as Lothar Returns

Date: 1pm Saturday, April 30, 1650
Location: Store Stokka, Rogaland
Weather: a gentle breeze is blowing from the east, with brisk weather, verging on chilly. The sky is overcast.  Feels like 40 F/ 5 C.

Coming again to the party that stayed in the woods, the camp is fine and safe and you have no encounters.  Through the night, there were moments of scant rainfall, which came down as a light rain just after midnight, just enough to dampen everything.  But the party, I think, has a tent.  They usually sleep eight, so this was just an inconvenience.  Beginning in the mid morning, there is a continuous scant rain that starts and stops.

As you awake the next morning the temperature is definitely chilly, just above freezing in fact.  You slap yourselves to keep warm, build up a fire, eat some hot food, crawl in and out of the tent to keep out of the rain and try to feel better.  Please, everyone (including Lothar and Fjall), I will need the party and followers to please eat 6 lbs. of food each to compensate for the combat yesterday.  [I updated the food rules months ago, so we should use the adjusted numbers on the wiki].  You can make up for this with the food that arrives with Lothar, if you're short on your own.

Lothar will arrive without an encounter, hungry probably.  He and Fjall are wet and tired as they enter camp at 1pm.  Rain clouds are beginning to drop a steady light rain, enough to douse a torch, so the overall environment is unpleasant to say the least.  Within 20 minutes of the pair's arrival, everything not under the tent is thoroughly wet.